Monday, August 26, 2013

Thank You, Martintown Mill

This pass weekend we participated in our first local show, The Martintown Mill Market and what a wonderful reception we had. 

Every Sunday from June 16th until September 1st the Mill Market is opened from 9am until 4pm. The Mill Market offers locally grown food including organic beef, pork and chicken, local honey and maple syrup products, organic dog biscuits, handmade soap, and seasonal fresh produce. A new art gallery inside the historic mill showcases the works of 4 different artists every week, one of which this past weekend was Crazy Fox. Guests visiting the Mill have an opportunity to meet the artists and enjoy a bit of country culture. We enjoyed ourselves so much, the people are warm and welcoming and the location and atmosphere is wonderful. If you have the time drop by the Mill, meet some talented artists, see a little piece of history, by some local produce and make sure you stay for lunch and have a yummy organic beef burger! We will definitely be participating in some more local shows, thank you Martintown Mill! 

The Martintown Mill was built in 1846 by Alexander McMartin. It is located in the center of the village of Martintown in historic Glengarry county, Ontario. The mill is a charming, rustic building in a picturesque setting on the north bank of the Raisin River. It is a popular destination for tourists. The mill operated by water power that was eventually supplemented with a gas engine. Commercial use of the mill ended in 1947. By 1986 the historic stone mill was near collapse. After several major stabilization projects the mill opened for public access for the first time in 2004.

Martintown Mill

New pieces from Crazy Fox

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