Thursday, July 12, 2012

Vintage Tins

One person's trash and another person's Treasure...

As you know I love anything old and found. These treasures to me hold a story of yesterday and a simpler time of life. So, I'm always on the hunt for new material to create something unique and wonderful. We just started to create jewelry out of vintage tins and the older the better. I love the rusty faded tins. I search old barns, attics, damp basements, flea markets and garage sales in search of these treasures. My husband hand cuts the tin, then grinds, then files and sand the all edges then seals the tin for added protection. I add on the pretty decorative pieces that turn them into bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces. All these tin pieces are made from repurposed vintage tins and have beautiful aged patina to them and that is what makes them so different! They are not perfect but each one does have a story. Tins were one of the earliest marketing forms of advertising anywhere from biscuits, candy, coffee, cigarettes, condiments, gasoline, medicinal items, motor oil, tea, tobacco, etc. The initial attraction of these tins is the advertising, colorful graphics and lithographs. Our new jewelry are great conversation pieces that have a touch of old world charm.

Vintage Tins, that will be turned into jewelry

Vintage Tin Bracelet - Talcum Powder Tin - SOLD

Vintage Tin Bracelet - Mr Peanut Tin - Cocktail Party $26.00

Vintage Tin Earring - Biscuit Tin - Faded Blooms $8.00