Saturday, September 17, 2011

Renovations and New Beginnings

Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.  Vincent van Gogh

We recently renovated our bedroom and en suite bathroom. In the midden or the hottest summer ever to hit Ontario we decided to start renovations. Our bedroom was done on impulse over 12 years ago after we had a house fire. My husband was seriously injured in the fire and was not expected  to live and was transported miles from home. So while he was in the hospital (over 5 months) I would come home and work with contractors and try to rebuild our home. Most of the second floor had to be redone, walls have to be rebuilt, fixtures, sinks, showers, carpets, curtains, furniture, colors had to be chosen, and all done while under stress. Everything was rushed! While it all looked good, it always reminded me of that horrible time in my life. We started with pulling up the dark blue carpets, that I don’t even remember picking and then things just snowballed after that. One thing lead to another  and before you know it the bathroom was getting done. All the walls are white in the bedroom now with bright color accents and the bathroom is white and turquoise. The comfort set and curtains are from most of the other furniture is from

The one thing I wanted was the room to be light and happy. Now every time I walk into our room my heart sings, I cannot believe what a change this has been for me. I was finally letting go of the past and ready for a new beginning. And the most wonderful thing was my husband did everything for me for our anniversary gift. Years ago he was not expected to live with 78% of his body burnt and now he is renovating our home, life is an amazing thing!!!!

Boo on his princess bed

Monday, September 12, 2011

September Giveaway - on Etsy Stalker

Crazy Fox Studio is back on for September, in one of the gallery shadowboxes, with a wonderful giveaway! Etsy Stalker features artists who have been hand-selected to bring you variety, creativity and style. Check out this great blog that offers wonderful giveaways and highlight some wonderful Etsy sellers through interviews and profiles, and share with other lovers of handmade goods. Thanks for all your great comments last month. Leave your comments all month and on October 6th, I’ll be picking 3 random winners! 1st prize, YOUR CHOICE of any NECKLACE on my site with free shipping. Pick any necklace you love and I’ll send it to you absolutely FREE! 

2nd prize is the below AGATE NECKLACE “Autumn Equinox” which includes free shipping. This necklace is perfect to wear with jeans, it is super-cute “without even trying.” That’s what I love about this necklace. It’s so simple, without even trying. Just the beauty of the agate's intricate burnt sienna swirls (2 x 1 inches) off-set by beige suede.  “Autumn Equinox” is a choker style necklace that measures 16 inches and will arrive gift wrapped with a vintage ribbon.

And 3rd prize are the below FEATHER EARRINGS “Harvest Moon” which includes free shipping. I made these earrings with a beautiful selection of all natural feathers. These feathers are securely clamped and hang from decorative copper cone with a copper bead at the top. Earrings are 3 inches in length and hang from copper ear wires. The are lightweight and comfortable to wear. "Harvest Moon" will arrive gift wrapped with a vintage ribbon.

2nd & 3rd prize  -

How to Enter:
1) Leave a comment on Etsy Stalker about your favorite piece of jewelry at Crazy Fox. (1 entry per day, please).

2) Follow Crazy Fox on Facebook, and leave a comment on Etsy Stalker with your Facebook user name saying you’ve done so.

3) Follow Crazy Fox on Twitter, and leave a comment on Etsy Stalker with your Twitter user name saying you’ve done so.

4) Follow the Crazy Fox blog!

Good luck and enter often!

2nd prize - Agate Necklace "Autumn Equinox"

3rd prize - feather earrings "Harvest Moon"