Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Everyone Loves Unicorns!

As a young girl I always loved to draw unicorns, fairies, and mermaids, since starting Crazy Fox Paper I discovered my childhood loves are even more in vogue today. Unicorns have become one of the most popular items in my shop. This summer I had a special request from Lindsay, at Pillow Thought blog for her daughter’s unicorn birthday party. It started with an invitation and then I was asked for additional items, water bottle labels, and unicorn bingo. This woman took my designs to the next level creating a very special party with a sweet unicorn theme. Here are a few photos that she sent to show how she incorporated my designs into a spectacular event for her little girl.
Purple Unicorn Invitation
Lexi's birthday party

Crazy Fox water bottle label

Let's play Bingo!

Crazy Fox Bingo cards

Big News From Crazy Fox

It has been a long time between posts and I thank you for your patience. You may have noticed the change from Crazy Fox Studio to Crazy Fox Paper. After much soul searching and thought I decided to return to my roots in the graphic design world and launched a new project. Crazy Fox Paper was conceived and launched in 2014 and I am both proud and happy with the results. This new endeavor has me very excited and anxious to proceed with high spirits. Crazy Fox Paper is a digital paper site catering to personalized digital invitations and accessories for all your special occasions, whether it’s a birthday party, baby shower, wedding or any special event, come and have a look at what is in the shop. I am sure you will find something for your event.

While I have been a graphic designer for many years working in the “corporate world” this new venture has taken me back to one of the reasons I became a designer in the first place, I love to illustrate. While jewelry will always be near and dear to me it’s time for a new adventure. As it has been said many times “No journey begins without the first step.” So with that here’s to a long and happy trip! Cheers.

Little Red Riding Hood invitation

Choose from a large selection of Unicorn invitations