Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Enjoy the day at Finnegan's Flea Market

Real treasure lies not in what that can be seen, but what that cannot be seen. Author Unknown

I’ve been going to Finnegan’s Flea Market for over 17 years and always find some unique treasure to bring home. Finnegan’s is located in Hudson, Quebec at the west end of town in the fields of the Aird’s farm. The Aird’s started the market over 26 years ago and named it after their dog, Finnegan, as it was a “flea” market. Since then it has grown to include antiques and many handicrafts and has spread to encompass the whole field beside the Aird’s house and barns. Today you’ll find hand crafted goods (who knew birdhouses came in so many varieties), flowers, organic foods, artesian dog biscuits, paintings and collectibles of every kind. We always have lunch under the huge willow trees, they have the best bbq hamburgers, the food there even seems to taste better. And if you are a dog lover, bring your dog along, everyone seems to bring their dogs. Finnegan’s is the perfect weekend trip for the whole family, enjoy the atmosphere, enjoy the treasures, enjoy the food and support handmade/hand-grown!

Finnegan’s market is open Saturdays from the first Saturday in May to the last Saturday in October. Even though it opens at 9am in the morning (close at 4:00 pm), vendors - some of whom come from 100’s of miles away - line up as early as 2 am for a spot. Some show up every weekend. Others, only occasionally. Understandably, the better the weather, the more competition there is for the few non-reserved stalls. Finnegan’s is located at 775 Main Road, Hudson (Trans Canada Highway exit 22) and east of Montee Lavigne (Trans Canada Highway exit 17).

On our last visit I found lots of treasures for Crazy Fox, below are two new pieces, one made with the found treasures from the day. “Home” which includes a compass from the 1950s, vintage skeleton key and locket all on this one-of-a-kind necklace. The other is a vintage flower necklace “Summer Garden”. Originally I was going to transform it into something else however, it is so beautiful and delicate that it is going to stay the way it is. The woman I brought it from said it was from and estate sale and dated back to the 1930s. The rose flowers are made from brass and hand painted in the brightest colors, pink, aqua, orange, mauve and yellow. Perfect condition and can be worn with any summer outfit!

Compass, skeleton key and locket necklace, objects found at Finnegans - "Home"

1930's hand painted flower necklace - found at Finnegans - Summer Garden - SOLD

Over 150 vendors arrive at Finnegans every Saturday during the summer and early fall