Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Don’t Lose your Marbles...

Kids have been playing marbles for thousands of years. It’s likely your parents and even your grandparents were playing marbles when they were young.

The first marbles, used for play, were just small pebbles or balls made from natural clay. The succeeding materials used for marbles were china, real marble, and glass. They were all handmade until the year 1848 brought the invention of the marble scissor by a German glass blower, which made production much easier.

The 1950’s saw the marble extravaganza. Also, the cat’s eye marble was created by injecting colored glass in a regular marble. Various effects were achieved with the use of different colored glass and different shapes or swirls.

These days, marbles have become such an important part of culture that they are not merely toys but also miniature art pieces. Regardless of where they began, marbles are a simple yet fascinating toy that brings out the child or collector in many of us.

All the marbles used in Crazy Fox necklaces are vintage, they may even be the same marbles your grandparents played with.

Vintage Marble Necklace - Skye - SOLD

Vintage Marble Necklace - Rain

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