Thursday, January 26, 2012

Great Giveaway on Etsy Stalker!

Take a chance you never know what will happen!

Violet, from Etsy Stalker did a fantastic interview with me and is hosting a giveaway from Crazy Fox! and we all love giveaways! First prize will be below “Willow Sage” necklace that combines the green glass and rhinestone filigree setting of a 70 ear old broken bracelet with a vintage skeleton key. A second winner will receive 25% off any single item from my Crazy Fox shop! To enter, visit Etsy Stalker  and leave a comment with your favorite item. Two winners to be chosen at random next Sunday, January 29th.  Etsy Stalker has earned a reputation as a place to discover the best and brightest of handmade creations and vintage items. Their daily themed exhibits and Shadowboxes are a wonderful way for artists to get exposure. A Shadowbox serves as a mini store front. Listings in your Shadowbox link directly to your Etsy shop or to whichever site you prefer.  Check them out, great site and GREAT people!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I'm back on track and will be having weekly (maybe even twice a week!) updates on Crazy Fox. We have some big things planned for this year, along with tons of new designs, that are just about ready to come out of hiding. This is the year for Dreaming Big! and taking that next step, so look out everyone! Also have really big news to share soon, that I'm so excited about. Thanks for everyone supporting Crazy Fox and lets make this next year a year where everyone Dreams Big.

Giveaway on Etsy Stalker - Willow Sage

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  1. wow what a beautiful creation and i LOVE the fact that something very old is a part of this new creation! thank you for the chance to win!