Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Custom initial jewelry with repurposed items

A mother's heart is a patchwork of love.  Author Unknown

I love working with my customers to create unique one of a kind pieces for them.... I worked with Kim to create this wrap charm bracelet with the initials of her three girls. Forever "K" initial wrap bracelet is made from vintage, repurposed and found items. Four letter "K" initials to represent Kim and her three daughters all with the same first letter to their names. An antique typewriter key K, vintage cuff link K, a script K and hand-stamped K create this one of a kind bracelet. "Forever" and "XOXO" is hand stamped into copper and represents Kim's love for her children. This bracelet wraps around the wrist twice and has its own unique story. Copper, brass, metal, pewter, glass repurposed vintage beads, hearts and more. This bracelet can also be worn as a necklace. Two pieces of jewelry in one! and it was a joy to create this for Kim and her girls...

If anyone would like a custom piece please drop me a line and we can talk about your own original piece of jewelry. The bracelet can represent your children or grandchildren or any of your loved ones. A new take on the traditional charm bracelets. Maybe you have a piece of jewelry from your Grandmother or Mother that could be incorporated, a broken necklace or rhinestone brooch. Or maybe a quote that means something to you, "Forever", "Lovely Girls", "With Love"... I made myself a wrap bracelet with the words "With Grace" after my sweet dog Gracie who, passed away last year. I like my pieces to tell a story, a story of love, hope and happiness.

Created for Kim and her girls

Made from copper, brass, metal, pewter, glass repurposed vintage beads, hearts and more.


  1. Do i gave your permission to pin this bracelet? I just love it

  2. I simply love it. It is really cute and fashionable. How can anyone say no to such a darling bracelet? Oh! Thanks a lot for sharing.