Monday, November 7, 2011

Thank You, Handmade Harvest show!

I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.  William Shakespeare

ALMONTE IS A PEACEFUL and beautiful community of 4,600 people, located 50 kilometers from Canada’s capital, Ottawa. Once a thriving textiles centre — known in its heyday as “North America’s Manchester” — Almonte is now primarily a commuter town, with the majority of  citizens working in the city. Almonte straddles the banks of Canada’s Mississippi River, which flows east until it empties into the Ottawa River. The Valley is a unique and lovely place, still closely in touch with its Irish and Scottish roots, large sections of the town remain essentially unchanged from a hundred years ago or more!

The Almonte Old Town Hall is an architectural wonder and was the location of Handmade Harvest Craft show. Handmade Harvest show is the brainchild of Emily Arbour and Colleen Hewitt. Both these ladies love anything crafty and wanted to provide an outlet for emerging craft artists of all ages…and to make buying handmade items easy and fun to do. This event host 35+ vendors, Crazy Fox being one of them! This show is full of talented enthusiastic artists and it was a pleasure to be part of this creative group. We met the nicest people and had a great time selling Crazy Fox designs. I’m always blown away that people really like our pieces, every piece does have a story and my husband or myself are only too willing to tell you where everything came from. Escutcheon, keys, buttons, vintage jewelry they all have stories, we create memories everyday, sometimes without knowing the impact, I hope Crazy Fox jewelry create's a memory of something you want to hold on too! One woman had been searching for a special gift for her niece’s 21st birthday, who lived in Britain. She said it was an old tradition in England to give a key for your 21st birthday and was searching for a special key, when she saw our necklaces, she was so happy to send her the perfect gift, keeping an old tradition alive with a new twist. Necklaces with lockets are traditionally for pictures, but I always tell people they can be used for holding wishes. Write your wish on a tiny piece of paper and place it in the locket, give time your wish will come true. Our weekend was filled with stories like that, people choosing special gifts with a little history, that hopefully creates a new lasting memory. Almonte, Ontario is a truly unique and inspirational rural community that makes visitors feel welcome. Crazy Fox had a wonderful time at The Handmade Harvest show and would like to thank Emily and Colleen for all their hard work. Thanks girls! 

Emily Arbour checking out a necklace after the show on Friday evening

Getting ready for the show to begin on Saturday morning

This necklace was bought as a gift and will be sent to England, for a 21st birthday!

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  1. No. Thank YOU!!!
    Without vendors like you this show wouldn't be nearly as fantastic.
    Loved hosting you foxy folks for round two :)