Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention. Oscar Wilde

The August Giveaway's have all been shipped out and I would like to thank everyone who left comments. Your comments are all so kind and thoughtful and encouraging! And I'm always surprised with the jewelry that people comment on and pick as their prizes. This month "Secret Love" was chosen. This necklace uses a Victorian coin purse made from a sea shell. These purses were sold at the seashore resorts as souvenirs. Tourists could hold coins, thimbles and even love letters in them. Most of these purses did not withstand the age of time, however, some of them were lucky and did survive. This purse has been repurposed into a necklace and is especially pretty because of the lovely shades of burnt sienna. It has a nice brass frame, closure, and hinge and opens from the bottom. I found this little coin purse at an auction sale in Eastern Ontario, it is in mint condition! I also attached 5 semi precious stones (found at the same auction on a brooch) in earthy tones. Very light-weight and unusual and perfect for your love notes! "Secret Love" is being sent to Minnesota with a tiny present inside for this August Giveaway Winner. Thanks again!

Secret Love - Victorian Coin Purse


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