Monday, June 27, 2011

Add a little SPARKLE to your life!

For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream. Vincent Van Gogh

I love buttons, when I was a little girl my “nana” Stirling would give me a jar of buttons to play with to keep me amused. I would spend hours sorting through colors, shapes and sizes but my favorite were always the shiniest buttons the RHINESTONES.  Even when I was 5, I remember stringing the prettiest buttons onto ribbon and making necklaces for my mom, nana and of course myself. I loved the sparkle and beauty and thought my button necklaces were like stars in the sky. Over the years my button love has continued to grow and my necklaces are a reflection of that love. I find buttons at garage sales, auctions, thrift shops and flea markets. This pass weekend I found all the buttons in the below picture and have already created two necklaces from them, one is already sold and off to Washington! These buttons all have a story and we only have to close our eyes to hear their voices.

When it comes to collecting, nothing really beats antique buttons. Button lovers get crazy about their subject, and there are many online sites to wander through by searching such items as antique buttons, collectibles, antiques and Victorian buttons. There are button clubs, button conventions and button fairs, not to mention the fact that some buttons are truly valuable treasures. It’s really fun to learn how the different little treasures were made, too. Once you get started collecting antique buttons you are unlikely to ever stop. From rhinestone, glass, shell, bone, wood, to colorful composition to handmade buttons, the button search is on! So clear out a drawer and put some empty boxes and jars in it, then hit the antique stores, thrift shops, garage and estate sales and remember to add a little sparkle into your life.

I found these buttons at a local garage sale this past weekend.

Repurposed button necklace - Moonlight Reflection

Repurposed belt/button necklace - Starlight Reflection - SOLD


  1. Love your new blog...and that Starlight Reflection necklace is beautiful :)

  2. I LOVE the button necklaces!!! So've got another gem of a design.